The Justicium PTY LTD is a not-for-profit organisation, not to be confused with the Justicium government and social structure.

The primary goal of the Justicium PTY LTD is to succeed in estabalishing the Justicium government worldwide, as well as develop our technologies and subsidiaries and release them free to the public if viable.

The Justicium NFP is organised as a Round-Table Holacracy, a management variation adapted from traditional Holacracy. While not completely decentralized, it affords our teams a very cohesive and direct framework. Roles are flexible should we need to prioritize new projects and team decisions are made amidst a consensus-based round-table, effectively eliminating middle-management. Team members are segregated from governance not pertinent to their skill set to ensure efficient use of time.

Every team member has a voice and through unity we find strength.

We hope to be recruit new staff as soon as possible, and we will post job opportunities through our mailing list : Sign up here