Thomas John Exelby

Thomas John Exelby

Founder and current leader


The following is autobiographical in nature, which feeels both excessively egotistical and somewhat redundant, as it is wiser to judge someone on their actions rather than their own words.

Nevertheless, I will simply be forthcoming in all information I believe to be relevant and you may assess my character at your leisure.


Myers-Briggs personality test: ENTJ

No criminal record.

Persistently sober, I am far more comfortable when in complete clarity.

Generally in a state of ketosis, my diet primarily consists of vegetables, nuts and meat. 

Exercise regularly with a focus on cardiovascular strength.

Moderately knowledgeable in all fields.

Primary fields of knowledge: Philosophy, history, warfare.

Primary strengths: Absorbtion of knowledge, pattern recognition, strategic capbility



Protecting others and seeing people smile gives me the greatest joy.  

I am not a traditional politician and I do not revel in the ‘spot-light’.

I am inventor and philosopher who is enthralled by challenge and the pursuit of knowledge.

I wish to create and mend what is broken.

And mending our broken government is my highest priority.  They are built on old constitutions that are fraught with vulnerabilites and presided over by politicians who slander each other like children, bicker back and forth in biased party debate, mask true intentions with fake smiles… lying, stealing and exploiting the masses for personal gain.

It is utterly unacceptable.

Despite the failures of so many leaders my anger is directed at the inadequate systems that have allowed them to acquire and abuse power in the first place. This is what I must conquer before I move on to anything else.

I have been planning the Justicium since 2014 and have produced 7 distinct iterations of the constitution in an effort to achieve a satisfasctory outcome.  While government constitutions are generally more vague and regard only the operations of the leadership, I believe the importance of this document warrants far greater scope and direction.

While I have many wonderful plans for the human race, I will not be applying for a role in Justicium leadership unless it is requested of me. It shall endeavour monitor all operations externally so that I can make adjustments to the constitution as necessary.  

Once the government is operating at a sufficient capacity, I would like to attain the resources for research and creation of wondrous new technology, oversee the construction of a city, and if I am not too old,  join the armed forces. But only time will tell and I will do whatever needs to be done.

 I will never surrender and I would rather die than fail.


I am completely confident in my capabilities, fully aware of my weaknesses, and invigorated by responsibility to others.

I have been fortunate to live comfortably in the vertiable paradise of Australia while many struggle just to stay alive.

I wish for all to live in paradise, in this life and whatever awaits us after death.

I am overtly utilitarian, in which practicality and the greater good always takes priority. 

I am capable of suppressing emotion in order to better focus on a task.

On matters of importance I am laboriously calculative, sometimes to the point of tedium, and I am perpetually pondering perplexing problems, such as the long term implications of social trends, the damage caused by artificial food modification, the potential physiology and dialects of aliens.

When in debate, I do not care who is incorrect, only that the correct answer is found.

I am extremely skeptical and rarely accept new information without verification from multiple, unbiased sources.

I ponder the motives of every involved party before making judgement.

When an error is made in a team environment, I would rather focus on resolving the problem immediately than isolating blame, and I am unable to hold a grudge.

To me, lying and deception are not acceptable in any scenario outside of sport, warfare or comedy for several reasons:

  • No one, atleast that I am aware of, enjoys being lied to.
  • Honesty is more energy efficient. Lying requires the memorising of additional variables.
  • With the exception of narcissists, lies slowly and secretly erode your conscience until there is little left but self-loathing and guilt.
  • When a lie is discovered, and they generally are eventually, all semblance of trust is lost and this not something that be reacquired quickly, if ever again.

Over the years it has occurred to me that the excessive pursuit of financial wealth has a tendency to come at the cost of others, or the sacrifice of a sincere ethical compass. And to continuously purchase increasingly extravagant and typically unecessary products the pursuit of pleasure seems illogical to me as my happiest memories are with people I love, not possessions. I am also certain that the pursuit of financial wealth is the primary contributor to corruption in politics. I am hoping that by sacrificing my wages I can regain the trust of the people and ensure the success of the Justicium.



I try to love all humans like extended family. We share the same emotions and are bonded by blood and bone. And if we trace our lineage fat there is often direct relation.

I believe most humans are inherently ‘good’ and have a  unique story that could only be understood from their perspective.

Of course, there are those who greed has left them uncaring to the damage they inflict upon others. And for them I have little tolerance.

And there are but a very few who feel no empathy and are completely unbound by conscience

There is no superior race or being, only different, and there are positive aspects to all.  Each nation, culture, tribe and individual on this planet has a unique set of skills and history they can be proud of.



Medical history 

I am definitely not without flaws and my past is littered with failures.  

My brutal honesty and dark sense of humour has probably caused more harm than good at times.

I can be embarrassingly forgetful of names but I rarely forget a face and having isolated myself for so long in my work, on the rare occasions I socialize it is an explosion of awkwardness.

The combination of my seemingly naive idelogy regarding money and compounding ailments cost me the financinal stability to raise a family with a former partner.

Following the death of my fiancé my confidence and motivation in romantic intent was shattered. My heart both seemingly desperate and unwilling simultaneously. Jaded, barren and desolate.  

For the greater part of my adolescent life I let illness cloud my judgement and was adrift without a noble purpose or significant accomplishment.

I was bedridden for many years, unable to pursue my passion a career in Industrial Design or meet the medical prerequisites for military duty in Australia.

After multiple hospitalizations I found little want to exist in reality, taking respite from despair within dreams and stagnating in atrophy. 

Allowing myself to be emotionally defeated is my greatest shame.  If I had found the motivation I could have helped many more people…which is why I feel it imperitive to waste no more of my life in sorrow and inaction.

We all undergo struggle and my woes pale in comparison to others.T

There no awards for victims.We must persevere in whatever circumstances beset us. And from every mistake there is a lesson and from every flaw there is a path to improvement.

Fortunately, I now possess uncomprisable emotional resilience and I never let illness diminish my thirst for knowledge and challenge.

Not all of my life was wasted.




I was born in 1986 to a teacher and a doctor. Youngest of 4 siblings, we were spoilt with good food, education and travel.

From my father I inherited an unwavering committment to healing and help others.

And from my mother I inherited a passion for philisophy and learning, but none of her patience unfortunately.

Australian born and raised. Mixed European bloodline, associating heavily with my Celtic and Germanic lineage. 

I may seem young but I am driven to get work done. Age does bring wisdom but only to those willing to learn and senility is not something for which I yearn.  I cease working only when my mind is shattered from exhaustion and starts to err.

I don’t have any ‘triggers’…Guns have been outlawed in Australia since 1996.

My ancient idols include: Kong Fuzi, Julius Cesar, Imhotep, Moses, Archimedes and Muhammed.

Modern idols include: Judith Sheindlin, Zhang Liangying, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arvind Kejriwal, Wayne Brady, Bill Bailey, Tina Fey, Terry Crews and Jimmy Barnes. 

You can safely assume that any social media post I’ve made was intended to make people laugh, despite not being very funny to most. My sense of humour is silly, immature, sarcastic and dark.

Despite an overwhelming amount of time fixated on a computer screen or book, I am most comfortable in nature at night, in an active construction site, or festival filled with happy people. If I feel utterly obligated to ‘meditate’ I will chop wood, go driving or simply explore.

I have a tendency to go berserk on the sports field and have little regard for personal safety. One of my favourite recent memories is  passing a ball to a player, watching them score and then turn to me with a huge smile on their face.

I come from an upbringing where to show pain any pain is a weakness that demoralizes allies and incites unnecessary concern. Due to this stubbornness I have been close to death on many occasions.

I’m always listening to music, composing and you can often catch me dancing in public even though I know it can look like an uncoordinated mess. 

I love to cook for others because good food rarely fails to bring out a smile.

If I ever retire, I hope it be on a small sailboat gliding gently across the pacific ocean, basking in warm sunlight and enjoying the company of people I meet along in my travels.

Either that or hurtling through space in the search of other life.



As the Justicium threatens to strip power and profit from existing governments and the wealthiest financial entities, it is inevitable that lies will spread in order to discredit our work and characters.

In the event of my death, there will be a smooth transition of leadership to one of several excellent candidates.

I know many people will dislike me and that is understandable. Regardless, nothing will ever stop me caring about you.

I appreciate the time you have taken to read this, and I can assure you that I am eager to rise to the challenge before me now that I truly have something worth living for.