In just a few short years, cryptocurrency has gone from being a simple tech experiment to being the vanguard in a financial revolution! Yet while there is an incredible list of advantages over regular currency, the banks and media they manipulate would have you believe it’s all just a scam… This is simply not true, much like a railroad tycoon saying cars would never catch on… Cryptocurrency is here to stay and we need to look at some of the major issues hindering this incredible new technology.

Cryptocurrency is in a state of constant flux. With criminal activity and large investment funds dictating the ebb and flow of a market filled with hundreds of fraudulent or redundant altcoins… It can often seem like there is little interest in the legitimate use of this incredible technology.

Most people don’t realise it, but the majority of cryptocurrency exchanges and storage options are practically scamming you with inflated market orders and hidden fees, not to mention being fraught with security and legal vulnerabilities that put your assets at constant risk.

Over a billion US dollars worth of cryptocurrency has been stolen from exchanges worldwide and it will only get worse.


BlockVault is a modern-day fortress for storing cryptocurrency. And in order to provide the highest possible security we needed to think outside the box.. or outside the net, as it actually turned out… 

We have developed a new network device, called the CKCM (cold-key communication module), which allows us to store cryptocurrency in a technically offline state, completely protected from remote attack, while still processing online transactions quickly and reliably. Combined with dual-wallet server structure, multiphase encryption, top of the line network security hardware and sophisticated on-site counter-measures, we can ensure your assets are always safe.

We do  not believe there is anything close to our standard of security. Bluetooth and USB are notoriously easy to hack, while advanced botnets and mining-farms push the limits of computational power – leaving standard encryption protocols vulnerable to brute-force attack. 

We simply believe you can never be too careful.



  • A user-friendly experience for both beginners to experts.
  • The option to create personalised wallets with spending caps that vary depending on your specific needs.
  • Our data servers are housed in a vault complex with strict staff regulation and multiple sensor-arrays.
  • Your private keys, the ‘password’ for your blockchain assets (cryptocurrency) are backed-up in multiple offsite locations.
  • In the event of a physical security breach, on-site keys are immediately destroyed and replaced by a back-up when the threat has been removed.
Justicium CKCM
BlockVault Card