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Earth, 2025 AD.






Across our planet of 8 billion humans, many are suffering.

Almost a billion people suffer from starvation.

Millions are enslaved.

With flaws and vulnerabilities in almost every government constitution, politicians lie, steal, and abuse power for personal profit rather than helping the citizens they work for.

Unhinged greed has led us to a society where those who sell medicine profit from inflicting sickness, and those who sell weapons profit from instigating conflict.

Hard working men and women pay their taxes but the wealthiest avoiding it altogether.

Even knowledge and education not available to all.

With rising costs in rent and very little increase in wages for the majority of workers, it is becoming nearly impossible for people to purchase property from those who have already monopolized the market and grow exponentially richer.

And perhaps most troubling, our ecosystem is on the verge of collapse.

Excessive pollution disrupts the fragile environment that we rely on to survive.


If we continue along this path, there are several possible outcomes for our future…

– With the increased cost of living, desperate and destitute citizens will retaliate with escalating and overwhelming violence. Many such events have already occurred throughout our history.

– With the near unrestricted and exponential increase in profiteering and prioritization of financial gain, governments will eventually lose all semblance of control to mega-corporations and syndicates who can afford private armies of their own.

– As natural resources deplete, already fragile diplomatic ties between countries will be torn asunder, and global war will be unleashed.

– Extinction. Be it from severe tectonic disturbance, meteor collision, uninhabitable ecosystem, nuclear catastrophe, pandemic, or any other of the various potential cataclysmic events.

This is not how life should be.

We must make changes if we are to survive.


The Justicium has taken over a decade to create.

We have created a leadership structure that is impervious to corruption.  One that you can always rely on.

We have real solutions.

We understand the needs of a successful civilization and have made plans for centuries to come.

We understand that people are the power of our civilization, so we shall empower the people.

We will not allow impoverished nations to suffer while others grow fat and wasteful.

We understand your needs are unique, and we will be there to meet them.

We understand that this planet belongs to us all and we must protect it.

We are devoted to helping all and we will suceed at all costs.


1. Create a peaceful, protected, and prosperous universe for the collective citizens of the Justicium.

2. Improve the health, happiness, security, knowledge, and rate of evolution of the collective citizens of the Justicium.


These are our rules for all to follow:

1. Do not harm other members of the Justicium, be it physically, mentally, or financially.

2. Always strive to strengthen and protect yourself, then others if you can.

3. Do not decieve others with malicious intent, except to enemies of the Justicium.

4. Liberate all Justicium who are not a threat to either themselves or others.

5. Treat all ethnic groups as equals.

6. Care for the lives of all Justicium over the lives of the few.


The Justicium operates under a unique leadership structure with a focus on efficiency, impartiality and integrity.

There are multiple protocols dedicated to preventing abuse of authority and citizens are able to always have sway over leadership.  

No single person has total control and each member has a specialised role.

In our party structure there are several groups of five leaders working together, called a pentarchy, who are responsible for critical decision making. 

The collective knowledge of five individuals is far greater than one alone, and with five members there can never be a deadlock in decision-making, ensuring a much faster process than traditional party-based structures, where allegiance can infringe on an impartial outcome.

There are also several roles where multiple leaders would cause too much infighting over vision and direction and only one member is appointed. As a farmer might say, too many bulls in the paddock.


Archons (pentarchy): These are leaders responsible for the general management of municipalities; the towns, cities, states and nations of society. 

Chiefs of Justice (a pentarchy): The role of the Chiefs of Justice is to ensure the security and stability of Justicium, as well as prevent and eradicate all forms of corruption within leadership.  

Sentinels (1 assigned to each member or pentarchy):  Sentinels oversee the actions of all party members and act as enforcers of law & justice, advising and ensuring leadership does not sway from moral obligation. They report solely to the Chiefs of Justice.

The Chiefs of Industry (one pentarchy per industry): Professionals dedicated to management in their field.

Chief Treasurer (one pentarchy per municipality) : Responsible for overseeing commerce and resource management.

Chief Architect (1 per municipality): Responsible for civic planning and construction.

Chief Orator (1 per language): Spokespeople responsible for delivering information to the people.

Emissaries: who act as a representative of the Justicium, engaging in diplomacy with foreign entities.

Deputies: who train under leadership and can be employed in the event of an emergency. 

Liaisons: who facilitate effective communication between leadership entities.

As well various assisting personnel.

All valuable members of a well-functioning and diversely skilled team


The instating of leadership is more akin to commercial hiring practises. 

Any citizen with minimum qualifications may apply for a position and application is approved by the Chiefs of Justice.

Given the importance of these roles, leaders must exhibit exemplary expertise in their assigned fields as well as uncompromisable integrity.


We have opted for another unique approach to the dismissal and appointment of leadership.

At any given time, the Chiefs of Justice can dismiss other members of Justicium leadership, be it due to incompetence, corruption or other due cause.

In addition, citizens can always express their satisfaction with the whole party and individual members on a scale of 1 to 5. If overall satisfaction drops below 50% leadership is immediately dismissed.



Knowledge is the primary contributor to human evolution, and as such, all citizens shall have access to good education.


Land will be allocated freely to to those who will utilize it well. 

We will expand our civilization greater than ever before! 



All commercial quantities of natural resources will be distributed equally and ethically to the population, with a priority for necessity rather than price margin.

Private organizations will be paid by the government for their contributions, rather than directly controlled.

Poverty-stricken nations will benefit greatly, and resource-laden nations will be less wasteful.



To ensure stable, efficient, and fair trade within the Justicium, there are only two currencies permitted for use: ‘Bux’ and ‘Yǒng’.

Existing national currency can be converted into ‘Bux’ and ‘Yǒng’ at a fair rate that is unique to each country.

‘Bux’ and ‘Yǒng’ have the same fixed values. ‘Bux’ can be used to purchase any goods or services. ‘Yǒng’ can only be used for the barter of essential goods and services.

‘Yǒng’ is distributed freely to citizens who are actively contributing to society, either by studying, working, having retired due to age, or with special consideration given to those suffering chronic illnesses but still making an effort.

By restricting society to two currencies, we improve financial stability by reducing the risk of inflation and devaluation of currency while simultaneously improving efficiency, accountability, and reducing crime.



To ensure all citizens have access to necessities, we have divided the economy into two separate branches: essential and luxury.

Essential goods and services encompass all that is pivotal to our existence, such as healthcare, agriculture, construction, mineral extraction, processing, energy, education, and similar industries.

As a consumer, you can expect to have stable and significantly lower prices for food, medicine, and other essential goods and services. As a distributor or provider, you can expect to have all reasonable company expenses paid by the government. This excludes specific scenarios such as private education or rare commodities.

The trade of luxury goods and services operates in a traditional manner but with the inclusion of performance bonuses for workers, also paid by the government.

With this system, the rich will continue to grow richer, but anyone who is willing and determined to succeed in any profession can become rich too—a fair outcome for all.

Profiteering of essential goods and services is forbidden, and pricing is to be determined by the Chief Treasurer.

This will ultimately herald an end to all unethical business practices.

No more price gouging of food, education, and healthcare.

No more invasive advertisements.

No more scams.



All citizens of the Justicium are important and all shall have fundamental rights and privileges.

– All forms of religious practice are permitted as long as they do not harm others.
– All forms of domestic partnership are permitted as long as they are consensual.
– All forms of recreational substances may be consumed with a valid license issued by healthcare professionals. There is extremely strict regulation of the most dangerous substances, including alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin.

Citizens actively contributing to our society will receive an enormous array of benefits, including:

  • Free housing
  • Free allocation of land
  • Free essential health products and services
  • Free education, both products and services
  • A free vehicle
  • Free transportation services
  • Free telecommunication service
  • Free postal service for domestic communication
  • Financially free electricity in areas of surplus renewable energy
  • Free, modern-day essential goods and services (household appliances, furniture, etc.)
  • Free insurance coverage for essential items


We want to ensure people can follow their dreams and further their talents rather than feel obligated to work in an unsatisfying career just to pay the bills.

We believe everyone should be able to focus on developing their talents, be proud of their work, and make a good living in any profession.

Happier workers. Stronger workers. Stronger civilization.

In a metaphor similar to Trickle-Down Economics, our Syphon Economy is the general assertion that the harder one works, the more reward they can ‘syphon’ from the pool of Justicium resources.

Of course, some work will naturally be more lucrative because it is more challenging or critical to society, but almost any skill can be turned into a viable career with enough perseverance.

Wage bonuses are based on performance as well as the educational, emotional, and physical requirements of each duty.

This is unique to each and every duty. Here are a few examples:

  • For the food service industry, the bonus may be based on the number of meals served, cleanliness, and average user review.
  • Construction workers will get rewards based on completion time, consistency in quality, and avoidance of error.
  • For logistics, the bonuses are based on successful deliveries within a certain time frame.
  • For an entertainer or artist, the bonus may be based on average user review.
  • For a custodian, rewards are based on the amount of space cleaned and attention to detail.
  • For someone who works on a factory line, the bonus may be based simply on the avoidance of error.
  • Security and armed forces will be rewarded for objectives such as patrols completed, incidents responded to, and many other factors including the emotional, physical, and life-threatening responsibilities they undergo.

All of these supplements to wages are paid forth by leadership, and luxury-based organizations are entitled to distribute additional wages as they see fit.

We also reward and publicly acknowledge citizens for significant contributions to society outside of their professional obligations, such as assisting in disaster relief, aiding in criminal apprehension, orderly conduct, and other virtuous activities.


We have taken many steps to ensure that the ecosystem of Earth is stable and safe well into the future.

We will also fund and support sustainable agricultural endeavors to meet the nutrition requirements of our entire population.

We have implemented strict protocols for waste and by-product management, as well as made plans to cleanse the planet of all significant pollution.

We will attempt to ensure there is healthy biodiversity in our natural habitats, but our priority will always be our citizens over other wildlife.

Our goal is to achieve completely ‘green’ energy production within a decade, with the exception of areas with extreme demand like the manufacturing hubs and population-dense regions of Asia, where thorium-based power plants, or other alternatives, may be necessary. 


Law and justice are critical to our wellbeing and security.

In this area, we hold no compromise.

Much of our unique infrastructure and bureaucracy is implemented to reduce crime and corruption in all areas of society.

When it comes to justice, criminals shall no longer fester in jail and foster hatred at the expense of the taxpayer. Instead, punishment will more accurately reflect and dissuade the crime committed. For instance, a thief may be forced to pay twenty times the amount of value they stole back to their victim, and should they be unable to pay this amount, they will perform supervised work until the debt is paid.

Criminals who have been sentenced to life in prison will instead give their lives to help the ill who require medical transplants.

In the court of law, all pertinent information is to be shared by both accusing and defending parties, for it matters not who wins, only that the most accurate verdict be reached.

Furthermore, as Justicium jurisdiction encompasses all society, one cannot escape justice by simply fleeing state or nation. All shall answer for their crimes.



The purpose of the Justicium Identification (JID) is simple: the accurate cataloging of every person, product, service, organization, and other relevant entity in order to improve all aspects of our lives.

With a JID, you only ever need to remember one username and password for all your accounts; websites, businesses, government, and otherwise, all will be connected to your JID.

With this increased accountability, we can improve many aspects of society and significantly reduce criminal and malicious activity.



The Nexus is the primary digital interface of the Justicium, providing access to all core elements of citizenship: banking, career, education, healthcare, social media, and communication.

It also serves as a news network, emergency broadcast system, and social media network, providing critical, ad-free, and unbiased information regarding your home and the entire Justicium.

From here, you will be able to view the internal actions of the government and have your voice heard.

The Nexus and JID work in conjunction to provide an enormous range of benefits:

  • Secure social media platform
  • Better banking
  • Better healthcare
  • Better education
  • Better career guidance and employment opportunities
  • Improved safety and security for the entire community

Furthermore, Justicium leadership values your privacy and security far more than a corporation ever will. Your data will be safer with us.



The Justicium Treasury is the sole organization responsible for the storage and distribution of valuable resources: financial, mineral, organic, territory, and knowledge.

Natural resources, such as oils and precious minerals, will be distributed equally to nations and municipalities based on population and requisition priority.

With all banking operating as a single entity, we can eliminate taxation, increase accountability and security, and hinder criminal enterprise.

Citizens will also be eligible for significant interest-free loans for expenses such as construction, vehicles, and business expenses.


These are the central hubs for industry and trade. Places to master your craft, help further knowledge in your field, and have your voice heard.

A guild is a union of like-minded people working together in harmony.

With guilds, no one will ever need to be unemployed or without purpose.



The Paladin Core of the Justicium is the combination of all military and police assets; the ground, naval, air, and police forces of our entire civilization working together to operate more effectively.

A Justicium Paladin is one who fights with the righteous cause to protect all humanity.


For the Justicium to suceed we require nothing but your support.

You can join us by clicking here

With enough public backing, government officials will assist in the peaceful transition of government or risk violent revolt. A change in existing government structure to Justicium could occur relatively peacefully and barely noticeabe.

However, as we threaten to strip power and profits from the most corrupt and wealthiest organisations on the planet… banks, oil tycoons, weapons manufacturers, corrupt leaders…There will be attempts to undermine the Justicium through a war of propoganda, bribing of officials and spreading lies.

We have prepared plans for every foreseeable event and we will do whatever must be done for the sake of Humanity.

We all come from a family. From this family we become a community. Communities become cities, cities become nations and nations become the Justicium.

Total unity is our inevitable future.

We are stronger together.

And together we shall prevail.